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 We offer end-to-end training from beginning programs to advanced prep for Emotional Support/Therapy Certification. We also offer a Turnkey Puppy, which includes a Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle or Aussiedoodle puppy + 4-months of in-depth training and delivery of one polished pup that will seamlessly join your family.

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We have some of the best instructors here at Iron Will Dog Training. We use positive-style methods and effective techniques from a pack leader standpoint. We do not employ harshness and get results by understanding basic canine instincts and tailoring our program around their nature.

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State-of-the-art facility with clean, safe, secure accommodations. Located in Montrose, Colorado, just outside of Telluride, we have access to beautiful parks and nature. We frequently expose age-appropriate pups to new environments to build confidence and focus in the real world.

Puppy Training

We have a versatile offering of puppy training packages meant to provide options for the level of desired training. Structured much like traditional educational stages, pups have the option to advance to the next level for a higher degree of knowledge.

Puppy Kindergarten

$2,500 for 4 Weeks
  • 4 weeks of training, then pup advances to next level
  • Basic obedience commands & socialization
  • Introduction to potty training & crate training
  • Loose-leash walking & off-leash recall
  • Exposed to a variety of stimulants
  • Settle/self-control
  • Name recognition, recall
  • Correction/silent correction
  • Feeding ritual - wait for food - NOSE, EYES, EARS

Puppy Junior High

$5,500 for 8 Weeks
  • Puppy Kindergarten + 4 add'l weeks, pup advances to next level
  • Obedience training & socialization
  • Expanding on potty & crate training
  • Loose-leash walking & off-leash recall
  • Exposed to stimulants, such as vaccuming, car rides, vet visits, grooming, kids and more
  • Settle/self-control
  • Name recognition, recall
  • Correction/silent correction
  • Continue with feeding ritual

Canine College

$8,500 for 12 Weeks
  • Puppy Kindergarten + Puppy Junior High + 4 add'l weeks
  • Further obedience training & socialization
  • Continuing potty & crate training
  • Loose-leash walking & off-leash recall
  • Exposed to further stimulants, such as vaccuming, car rides, vet visits, grooming, kids and more
  • Settle/self-control
  • Name recognition, recall
  • Correction/silent correction
  • Dialing in feeding ritual

  • Training can commence at 8 weeks of age
  • Puppy must complete Puppy Kindergarten, to advance to Puppy Junior High & Collegiate Canine.
  • Levels are meant to be completed in succession, at 4 week intervals, exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Puppies will be under the care of our vetrinarian and immunized accordingly.
  • Schedule designed for optimized learning; training integrated with everyday living.
  • We strive for a put-together, calm puppy - our clients are amazed at the results!
  • All puppies at every level of training will receive a finished training take home video for their new family.

Advanced Training

These programs are designed for the advanced Pup! If you have intentions of using your puppy as a future Emotional Support/Therapy Certification, these are great courses. Also will provide a solid foundation for a future Service Dog.

ALL PUPPIES AT EVERY LEVEL OF TRAINING WILL GET A FINISHED TRAINING TAKE HOME VIDEO FOR THEIR NEW FAMILY. The video explains how to continue training their new pup and we will have the puppy demonstrate everything it has learned at their level of training, etc.- it will be 20-40 minutes long depending on what level they finish at.

Turnkey Puppy

What do you get when you combine the premier Doodle Breeders in the US backed by superior in-depth training? A Turnkey Puppy. Iron Will Dog Training is pleased to partner with Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles & High Mesa Doodles to provide Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle) and Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever x Poodle) as well as PTK Ranch & Country Time Doodles to provide Aussiedoodles (Australian Shepherd x Poodle) that are fully trained by us. Your puppy will commence training at eight weeks old and train with us for a total of four months, delivered to you when they are six months of age. Miss all the challenges that come with a brand new puppy!


  • You will be able to have the first or second choice from an available litter of Bernedoodles.
  • Your puppy will be fully house-trained and crate-trained.
  • Your puppy will be obedience-trained.​
  • Your puppy will be socialized in different situations, and places.
  • Your puppy will know sit, stay, down, come, and leash etiquette.
  • You will a receive a one-on-one training class at your home.
  • Trainer will fly and deliver the puppy to you.
  • You will receive a lifetime of support from trainer and breeder.

**BREEDERS, if you are interested in offering a Turnkey Puppy with training from Iron Will Dog Training, please contact us.

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Turnkey Graduates

Training Tools

We only use the best products as training aids and nourishment for your pups. Nutrisource pet food has created the highest-quality food for your beloved pets. Nutrisource is formulated with the best ingredients and supplements that guarantee whole body health.

Happy Families


We finally have Thomas as part of our family and love him dearly!! He's a wonderful dog and we couldn’t be happier! Amanda and Jake did an amazing training him. He is extremely well-behaved and responsive to all the commands they taught him. It was so nice to have them here in Boston with us for a couple of days to train us – and they are just as good at training humans as they are with dogs. You can tell they are true professionals! They have a ton of useful information and tips which made bringing Thomas into our family that much easier. - F. Hanenberger

We are recent recipients of a turnkey puppy from Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles. Our puppy Bailee came home at approximately 6 months old and is a perfect puppy. The quality of dog produced from Tammie Rendon at Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles is spectacular. Great disposition, coat, and health. Bright and extremely happy.

Amanda Kramer and her family, Iron Will Dog Training, took Bailee at 2 months old. After 4 months of training, Bailee came home as a trained puppy, still a puppy, who you can be comfortable with in all situations. We were concerned about “bonding” with Bailee coming home at 6 months old, but after 2 days she was a comfortable part of the family. You would never know that we didn’t spend her 6 months together.

Growing up a Veterinarian’s son, I’m very keen on a well-behaved dog benefits the entire family as well as the health of the dog. The turnkey program from Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles delivers this at the Gold Standard. We wish you all the best in your Family’s selection of a new Family Member. – D. Williams

We recently purchased a puppy from Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles who connected us with Iron Will. We are forever grateful! She is a sweet, well trained, and adorable puppy. Amanda and her family were amazing. We are so impressed with the level of Lilly’s training! They sent us and instructional video prior to her arrival. They spent the afternoon with us training us on her commands and providing us with tips to keep up her training. They also successfully helped us introduce our current dog to the new puppy and they are now inseparable. Lilly will start working as a service dog in a Special Education classroom for students with Autism in the Spring. I know she will do great. I was hesitant about the turnkey puppy program because I did not want to miss out on the cute puppy stage and puppy bonding, but we are so delighted that she is still a puppy and has had no problem bonding during her first week. I highly recommend Iron Will for dog training. Thank you for providing our family with an amazing, well trained companion! – C. Flynn